Did ever ask yourselves which is the best city in the world to live in? I`m sure you did at least once in your life.

This year Mercer, a company that likes to make a difference in the lives of people every day all around the world by advancing their health, wealth, and careers, produced its 19th annual Quality of Living survey, and the results they got are so interesting that I decided to post them for all you guys.


Global Quality of Living Ranking 2017

Considering trends in Global Quality of Living, Western European cities continue to surpass the rest of the world when it comes to expatriate quality of living, by taking 8 of the top spots in Mercer`s annual rankings. On the other end of the spectrum, developing, unsafe, and war-torn cities on the bottom of the ranking.

Top 10 Cities

Bottom 10 Cities

Here the infographic:

Mercer 19th annual Global Quality of Living survey


Local Quality of Living Ranking 2017

Taking into account 39 factors affecting the quality of living, these are each region`s top 5 most desirable cities for international employees.

Asia Top 5 Cities

Central & Eastern Europe Top 5 Cities

The Middle East & Africa Top 5 Cities

North America Top 5 Cities

Pacific Top 5 Cities

South America Top 5 Cities

Western Europe Top 5 Cities

Here the infographic:

Mercer 19th annual Regional Quality of Living survey


Being more focused on Europe, even with political and economic turbulence, Western European cities continue to enjoy some of the highest quality of living worldwide. Most European cities remained stable in the ranking, with the exception of Brussels (27th worldwide), dropping six places because of terrorism-related security issues, and Rome (57th worldwide), down four places due to its waste-removal issues.

Yes, guys, it is really true, Rome is falling down, and fortunately, we are becoming stronger in Vancouver that has a great position, otherwise … I cannot imagine what kind of future could be waiting for us. Brrrr …!

But let`s think positive, at least Rome lost only four places at the end. Let`s hope for the next year to be able to remain stable at least.

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