Alex Lubinsky, CEO RentberryRenting houses & co. worldwide has never been something easy. High prices, too many steps to arrive to goal, difficulty to find the right clients, these are only some examples of the big problems existing in this market.
Fortunatly ​Alex Lubinsky & other guys created Rentberry, a startup active starting from the Silicon Valley to solve the problems of this sector. But let`s ask directly to Alex what it is that make a difference between their startup and the other ones.


Hi Alex, it`s nice to meet you finally! Listen, can you tell us what kind of problem does your company solve?

Rentberry is the only rental platform offering a ‘one-stop shop’ experience for both landlords and tenants. Other companies in this niche are either too expensive for single-family homeowners and tenants or lacking our ‘closed-loop’ approach.

As a user of Rentberry, you can complete absolutely all rental tasks online through one platform. And unlike Appfolio that charges landlords $3000 per year or Zumper that wants tenants to pay for each application they send, we offer an affordable, well-designed, and easy-to-use solution.

We just remove the hassle from single-family landlords who don’t have access to solutions like large corporations. At the same time, we offer tenants a better rental application experience. We make money only by charging tenants a $25 success fee once they secure the place.
​Alex Lubinsky, CEO at Rentberry

If you’re a landlord, you can list your property and syndicate it to nine partner platforms, screen tenants, select the best candidate based on the results of the screening and custom offer, e-sign rental agreement, collect rent, and deal with maintenance requests online.

As a tenant, you can search for properties and filter available listings by location, size, price, property type, a number of bedrooms/bathrooms, pet policy, and 20 other amenities. You can see the demand for properties and make educated custom offers for both security deposit and monthly rent. Once your rental agreement is signed, you can pay rent and split payments with your roommates. In case something needs to be fixed, you can send a maintenance request to your landlord.

But most importantly, the system of transparent custom offers makes it possible to stop rental bidding wars and hefty fees. Now tenants can see how many people are interested in the same property and adjust their offer depending on this information.


Where did this idea come from?

It was our first-hand experience that made us think of this idea in the first place. When we were looking for a place in San Francisco, it took as almost a month to finally sign our rental agreement. And it was so time-consuming not because there were no vacant properties, but because the rental application process was just terrible.

Apart from all the paperwork, phone calls, and meetings in person, we were forced to get involved in rental bidding wars and make secret offers without any idea what the competition was like. The system was broken, and we knew there was a way to fix it.

That’s how we decided to make the rental process straightforward and transparent for everyone involved. We spoke to hundreds of tenants and landlords across the country and developed the platform perfectly fitting their needs.
Alex Lubinsky, CEO at Rentberry


What are your long-term goals?

Since our platform is already operating nationwide, we are setting a course on expansion to major English speaking countries. What’s more, we work on implementation of a machine learning algorithm to help landlords set reasonable prices for their properties.


You can find Alex & Rentberry on their website and on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Facebook and Pinterest). So … happy renting to each one!

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