Phytoponics - Logo How many of you think that water is really the base of the food chain of every human being? And do you believe exactly like me that it can help to fight world hunger?
This same idea is deeply present in minds of Richard Perks, Adam Dixon and Luke Parkin, co-founders of Phytoponics, a startup that has the vision to innovate the food chain through facilitating the mass adoption of hydroponic technology through advanced product design. We thought to ask to these guys what is under their project, here their answers.


What is hydroponics and why could it be the solution for today’s agricultural problems?

Agriculture is the worlds biggest industry worth trillions of euros, and it has perhaps the biggest impact on our planet in terms of environmental, social and economic aspects. Reading the news, we all hear problems with deforestation, pollution, drought and hunger, and these are all impacts that are part-caused by agriculture. Hydroponics is a way of growing plants in a mineral solution that uses 10 times less land and water than soil growing, and is performed inside of greenhouses for major productivity gains. Imagine if all crops were grown with 10% of the land and water currently used! Currently a minority of crops are profitable with hydroponics (and some extremely profitable). However in the future, with advances in crop development, it is possible that many more crops can become suitable for hydroponics, giving it the potential to have a major global impact as market driven sustainable agriculture.


What are the limits of hydroponics techniques and how does Phytoponics intend to solve them ?

Hydroponics is highly profitable and effective when performed correctly, however it can be difficult and costly to set up, with installations costing 5 to 6 figures per hectare. What this means is that when starting a hydroponic farm, new growers can be under a lot of pressure to master hydroponics because of the high stakes behind investment, otherwise the cost could be hard to repay.
Phytoponics aims to help commercial growers by reducing the pressures they face when adopting and using hydroponics, by providing low cost hydroponic technology, giving new farmers less of a challenge to turn profit, and established growers the capability to further improve profit margins to a higher level. Moreover, Phytoponics uses unique Deep Water Culture (DWC) technology that is both highly productive and reliable, more so than other methods such as substrate hydroponics or NFT, due to superior nutrient and water uptake, and fail safe Kratky adaptation on power outages.


Why does Phytoponics could be the revolutionary actor of world agriculture ?

At the center of Phytoponics is our patent pending invention, the flexible hydroponic system, which makes a hydroponic growing system and plant support out of a low-cost tough and UV resistant plastic film, giving benefits of cheap transport, rapid install and lower support requirements. This allows us to install a full hectare system for just a fraction of the cost of other systems, giving more farmers the ability to access affordable, scalable and sustainable hydroponics. We will implement further adaptations of the flexible hydroponic system to expand the range of crops that we can cover and growers we can serve. With more growers switching to efficient and productive hydroponic growing, there will be a major positive impact to the environment through sustainable agriculture, and we aims to be the leader in this movement through our technology and innovation strategy.


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