Life in Canada is fast, direct and without any possibility to be misunderstood.
and this is true for the startup world too, that in this british nation it arrives to be very similar to what usually happens in USA.
SportsHack 2015 represents the perfect example for what I just said: a coast to coast hackaton that takes place in the same days & hours from Vancouver to Halifax passing through Toronto. The hackaton takes place in each seat and they are connected all together using media.

But why this event it is so different from the ones we are usual to have in Italy, and how these differences are represented in the reality?

Things to say should have to be really in large number, but let`s say the ones whom seems to be the most important ones to me:

  • Great topic: SportsHack 2015 is strong for the choice of the right topic too. Could you imagine guys what kind of success could have an hackaton where in Rome Francesco Totti, or in Napoli Marek Hamsik are members of the jury like Zack Collaros is from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in this case?!?!?!!!! Hackton are a question of communication too.
  • Many locations: it is rare to see hackatons in Europe done in many places concurrently. In this way the fight inside the hackaton it is stronger and more deep, and at the same all the guys inside the hackaton are more stimulated to interact together.
  • Direct and practice interaction with Universities: in SportsHack 2015 the Simon Fraser University is for the Vancouver seat the organizer of the event with VentureLabs®.
  • Partecipants and Mentors: while the partecipants of this hackaton are about 90% university students and/or just graduated, mentors come from all over the business, sport & teaching sectors.
  • Prizes: SportsHack 2015 gives many prizes, but what it never miss it is a strong presence of cash.

Here the opinion about SportHack 2015 by some partecipants:

  • DeanData Sense: The 2 main reasons why I got stimulated to partecipate to this interesting hackaton are the sport matter and the cash matter. For the first one, I never before an hackaton so involved into sport affaires. For the second one, of course cash it is always a stimulation for each guy.
  • JayGo Beast Mode: This hackaton is giving me an help to improve my technical skills and at the same to do the right networking. My dream as a student it is to become an entrepreneur in the future, and I think than that these 2 things are the basic in this. Cash it is important, but it is only a (big) plus.

What to say then guys?

Nothing more than: compliments to SportsHack 2015 organizing team, and … let`s hope that the next time something similar could be possible in Italy too.

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