Gourmicious - LogoHave you ever eaten a sweet potato toast with avocado sunny-side up egg? Do you like banana bread? And, most of all, have you ever tried to prepare these 2 gourmet & delicious foods as a personal chef hosted in the house of anybody?

The right answer to these questions is Gourmicious, a new platform created by Connekt Resources Inc that connects food and culture enthusiasts with those who love to host and cook. We had the possibility to ask few questions to Sude Z. Khanian, co-founder & creative mind under this interesting project.


Hi Sude, please tell us: what is Gourmicious exactly?

Gourmicious is a by-invitation platform that connects like-minded gourmet enthusiasts through unique dining experiences.
One of our users called it Meetup mixed with EventBrite. It is not exactly that, but we liked how he interpreted him.


Which are the main characteristics able to let be Gourmicious a unique & special product?

When we started Gourmicious, we thought that its uniqueness is in providing Private Gourmet Dining opportunities to try an authentic and home-cooked meal and meet new cultures.
During our beta testing, our test-group liked the opportunity but found some challenges. We listened to them and tried to address those challenges to make it a better experience for them.
Surprisingly, now what we considered as a supplementary amendment is what our users find special and unique about Gourmicious.


Gourmicious Desser


What is the next step for Gourmicious, and which is the main goal the startup will try to reach inside 2017?

On June 22nd in Vancouver during Italian Top Chef Showcase Event at Fairmont Pacific Rim, we were honored to have the platform launched by Consul General of Italy in Vancouver Massimiliano Iacchini. At the same time, we hosted our first private dining event in Rapallo and were featured in Rapallo Daily.
Right now, we are open to receiving applications to join by:

  1. Diners who are interested in occasional or regular Gourmet Private Dining
  2. Food Tours and established Travel Agencies
  3. Chefs and Hobby Chefs who enjoy hosting gourmet private dining events
  4. Venue and Kitchen spaces

We are open to worldwide applicants and our selection criteria merely depend on meeting qualifications. The request to join can be sent to info@gourmicious.com.
This year we are focusing on reviewing applications, sending invitations and giving tours around the platform to our new members who request for a tour. We will be accepting 2000 applications in total for 2017.


Gourmicious on Rapallo Daily


A great opportunity for many of you, don`t loose it guys. Gourmicious with Connekt Resources Inc. on Twitter & Facebook.

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