MilisBio StartupHands up who until now did ever wish that what is usual to drink could be seasoned with flavors and natural flavors without adding sugar and aspartame? And again, who of you really knows what does Stevia is, and what are its beneficial effects on our body and, at the same, that there is something of better than Stevia itself?
The right answers to these questions can come from Milis Bio, a startup focused on the development of flavor additives based on proteins for the food market (food and beverage) and to dampen the sweet and sour flavors. Milis Bio has been created in Ireland by Michael Sheehan and Paul Young, and both these 2 guys accepted to answer to our questions about their company.


Hi guys, here the fist question: what is great about Milis Bio?

Milis Bio is creating the next generation of flavouring ingredients! Our sweetener, which will be fully developed by November of this year, will be a natural, high potency, all protein ingredient with a lower caloric content than some popular artificial sweeteners such as aspartame! Our process will open a new chapter on flavour for consumers worldwide, who will no longer have to choose between artificial or high calorie ingredients. Even when compared to “natural” ingredients like Stevia, you can consume 80 times more of our sweetener per day according to global health authorities! With this technology we can combat diabetes, obesity, and the cancers associated with artificial sweeteners, while also being a great product for diabetics, athletes, and the average consumer.


Do you have the right team for such an ambitious project?

Absolutely! Our Chief Executive Officer is Mike Sheehan, a perennial leader and excellent strategist with a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience, who was selected as Cork city’s best young entrepreneur.
Our Chief Technical Officer is Dr. Paul Young, a genius of Molecular Biology with over 20 years of experience working at prestigious establishments such as the European Center for Molecular Biology and Duke University in America. Our Production Technology Specialist is Freedanz Ferdinandz, who has a master’s degree in Biochemical Engineering from University College London, as well as a treasure trove of experience from work in a previous successful biotech start up. To complete our tight knit team, we have our Operations Manager Diarmuid Cahill. Diarmuid has a degree in food management and marketing, and brings with him a phenomenal organisational ability and capacity for attention to detail.


What is the next step for Milis Bio?

Milis Bio is just about to enter into the most exciting period in its development. As we mentioned, we have developed our first product in November. As such, the next 18 months are going to see extensive and rapid progression of our relationships with customers, regulatory procedures, intellectual property protection, production and supply line strategy development and implementation, and other operations in business development in R&D. Of course, this means we need one more crucial team member: a world class investor. We are looking to meet any investors that want to join us on this journey. They will be an integral component of our work as we take on one of the biggest markets in the food and beverage industry, redefining it forever and for the better. Any of your readership that find this prospect exciting can get in touch with us for more


CTO Paul Young & CEO Michael Sheehan, Co-Founders of MilisBio Startup


Did you understand guys? You can contact Milis Bio using, Skype or on social media (Facebook and Twitter).


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