Kiwi - LogoAll the people who has been living in a university campus at least for 1 year now how much it is difficult to find the right food around there. One of the main goals for a student is to save time, and this is difficult to apply if the same one wants to eat something decent.
Some guys from South America have been inspired by this problem to create the startup Kiwi Campus, a FoodTech company that try to give answers to the young members of campus.
But let`s go to see answers to our questions by the founders Felipe Chávez Cortes, Sergio Pachón and Jason Oviedo.


Hi guys, we wanted to ask you: what is Kiwi Campus exactly?

Kiwi is a platform to order food on demand in universities, powered by a community of students that is cool to belong to (700+ students), delivering most of the orders by walking just 400m. This allows us to keep cheap and super fast delivery times. Now in 8 universities in three countries Colombia, Chile and The US.


What is the problem Kiwi Campus is solving and how?

Since we started our academic career, we noticed that campus restaurants were always overcrowded and that most of the students didn’t have a proper lunch in college, due to a lack of time. We figured out that some students had a pressing need to save time on minor tasks and spend it on their studies instead. On the other hand, other students were highly motivated to make extra money during school, but in a flexible way. We also noticed a common desire of being part of a community.
So, we thought of creating a platform with the mission of offering the students better food, as an alternative to the junk food commonly served in the campuses. On top of that, we decided to create a community, through an efficient and innovative delivery food app. We actively involved students in our model, letting them becoming ambassadors of our service and rewarding them for being part of it. Joining a community of students and easily earning money and discounts are the two main strenghts of Kiwi Campus, which simultaneously provides a great solution for having a tasty and convenient lunch or a small snack.


What are the next goals?

We want to close this year with 300.000 users, more than 20 universities and more than 2000 students working with us as kiwers.

To reach this goal we have to build a really good product. We are now releasing a new version of the app and we recently finished our web platform. In terms of scaling, we are gonna launch in new universities in the US and Latam. Of course, starting to operate in Europe is also on our roadmap and the first city will be Rome.


You can find Kiwi Campus on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter. Are you ready guys to order food in Kiwi style?

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