FruitsApp - LogoSometimes it happens that we go to the supermarket and do not find what we were looking for. Other times, in the midst of a market, we can not sell what we have to offer, or, again, we are unable to match demand and supply of fruit and vegetables.
FruitsApp comes to fill a market gap in the Fruit & Vegetable sector, with an ambitious mission, that is to help traders, buyers and producers to increase their business. Through this platform, producers can easily interact with solvent buyers from all over the world and, moreover, buyers can find safe producers in every part of the world. We decided to interview Carlos Iborra and Eslem Alzate, co-founders of this startup, let`s read together what they told us.


What is the problem FruitsApp is solving and how?

FruitsApp is an intelligent private Network that makes connections between companies of the Fruit&Veg sector, depending on their interests. We help the companies to find the right demand or offer for them, so they can streamline their trading operations and save time, resources and money. With FrutsApp, they can see the prices of the market in real time, avoiding mistakes in their trading decisions. They can also arrange their transports with just one click and expand their business, thanks to the integration of logistics inside our platform.


In which point is FruitsApp now?

We just have been attending last week the most important fair of the sector, FruitLogistica in Berlin, and we get a really good feedback from all the companies that we talked with, all of them were excited to see that the technological evolution is coming to the sector to make their lifes easier. In two months life, we already have registered in our platform more than 200 companies, some of them really well known globally as Del Monte, Edeka, Spar, DIA, Rouquette… and all these companies already started to use our platform for their daily trading procedures with good results.


What’s your main goal for 2017?

We have started focusing in Europe, and more specifically in Italian and Spanish market. Nevertheless, we are growing really fast, and there are already companies of more than 35 countries inside our platform using it. We will continue focusing on the European Market, but of course, we want to expand globally as soon as possible, and become the reference tool for all the companies of this sector, and helping all of them to expand their business in an easier, faster and cheaper way thanks to the New Technologies.


To know more about FruitsApp you can download their presentation or you can contact them using email or social media (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook)


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